Laughter is the best medicine

The Daily Impression is an online comic book featuring my own artwork, whether created by hand or using iPad apps. The aim is to be funny, make the occasional statement about our modern world and to simply find other cool stuff on the web that I personally find funny – and hopefully you will too. But overall, The Daily Impression is about web-comics. I started drawing and writing on The Daily Impression in April, 2012. So it is early days yet! And the word Daily does suggest a post-a-day format – so hopefully too much of life will not get in the way and I can find the time to bring something new every day.

What’s the bid deal with oranges?

Now, about those oranges. They have a pretty big case of Apple envy, and Apples simply think they dominate the world (of fruit). These two fruits hate each other, especially when comparisons are made. I have chosen fruit as an artistic expression to highlight this world and the divisions that split us apart. Look out for corporate satire especially.

Credit where it is due to the following iPad apps

  • Sketchbook Pro
  • Paper
  • ComicBook

Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts

If you enjoy dry, satirical, witty and engaging humour (yes, English spelling shock!) then please Like, Comment, Subscribe, Retweet or Feed. Also, if you are a fellow blogger and would like to link content to my site (or vice versa), drop me a line. In future I will be looking for like-minded guest bloggers. You are free to share my works for non commercial purposes under a Creative Commons License.


2 responses »

  1. timmer says:

    Hey there, thanks for stopping by my site and taking the time to go through some of it! Very cool concept you have over here, look forward to following along.

    • waddswords says:

      Thanks Timmer – likewise – if you know of any other good sites for off-beat, illustrative humour, please let me know about them. I have been reading a little of “Snotting Black” which is pretty cool.

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