We love to name new diseases and conditions with fancy acronyms. Things like PTSD and ADHD. Well, I have a new one. MPDS. It stands for Mobile Phone Disorientation Syndrome.

I often think back to life before mobile phones. A time when you needed change in your pocket and a handy pay phone to make a call when you were out. And now that those grey-screened, dot matrix bricks of the late 90’s have become smart, they are even more addictive and all consuming in our lives. However would we live without them?

The other day, I saw a woman talking on her mobile phone. She was so absorbed by her conversation that she stepped right into the path of an oncoming car, which screeched to a stop just short of knocking her over. And her reaction? She continued on with her conversation without as much as a flicker of recognition of what almost happened!

Anyhow, I was inspired to knock up this little number in recognition of mobile phone disorientation syndrome (MPDS).



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