Today I decided to use a little piece of artwork I worked on last night. I have discovered a new iPad app called Paper and I just love it. It is less feature-packed than Sketchbook Pro but the ink engine in it just seems to work so well. Any artist out there that likes tablet sketching should definitely check it out. This heralds the launch of my new strip Alien Robots – the observations of two alien robots observing Earth for signs of intelligent life.

Alien Robots

The first page – “Alien robots intercept a Gen-Y text message in their search for life”

The second page – “Alien robots analyse the chemical composition of a Big Mac”

The third page – “Alien robots destroy an Earthling satellite”

The fourth page – “Human carriers of doggie dumps makes dogs the masters”

The fifth page – “A lover’s kiss is vaporised by alien robots”

Kiss my laser beam

The sixth page – “The transit of Venus”


The seventh page – “Alien Robots discuss the new movie Prometheus”

The next installment will be posted here.


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  1. timmer says:

    Nice. I use sketchbook on my ipad, but this program looks good and the sketching strokes come across clean. Are you using a stylus or just finger?

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  3. […] In case you missed the first instalment of Alien Robots, click here. […]

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