This weekend I took a couple of days off, which meant leaving the Daily Impression to its own merits. I enjoyed helping my dear wife with her website, spending time with the kids and removing monstrously large doggie dumps left on my lawn by a certain humungous Belgian Shepherd (that last part is true, but the enjoyment part a complete fabrication).

I watched in anticipated horror as my site stats (modest, because I have only been going for a month now) tanked out. So if you are a blogger, and you too share my frustration and an unexplainable addition to checking site stats every hour, then enjoy…and don’t forget to share it with as many people as you can…after this weekend, my stats need a boost!!!!


This picture was developed using an entirely new method – hand drawn, then coloured with a new layer in iOS Sketchbook Pro. You cannot beat the freedom of real ink and paper when it comes to the actual sketching, but I do love the freedom of being able to make mistakes with digital colour! Enjoy…


2 responses »

  1. jess says:

    Excellent! Thanks for helping me over the weekend….lovd your blog! x

  2. merchesico says:

    I like your new method! It is fantastic to click UNDO… not like real life…

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