The Best of Orange Crush

Why oranges? If you ask this, I answer – Why Not? Here is a collection of my category Orange Crush. Why must Oranges and Apples be in conflict? It is simple. In life, there is competition and conflict. Oranges represent one side, apples the other. Both are right, both are wrong. Sometimes, mixing wrongs and rights together just results in an orange and apple flavoured pie – yuck!

So, starting at the beginning is when the Orange first developed an identity crisis…

Orange identity crisis

A timely reminder that they are watching…

They are watching, those oranges

And then came the first splatter, and the juice floweth…

The questioning of authority

Orange trivia – Steve Jobs wanted to name Apple Computers – Orange Computers…

How Apple got its name, and pipped the oranges

In the boardroom, the apples began to lose popularity against the oranges…

Apple in the boardroom – a downturn in popularity

So they hired a consultant to sort out them pesky oranges…

The Consultant gives his advice

There came a speight of attacks on oranges, so they developed an incident report form…

The orange incident

This is not the end. There will be more when the Oranges Strike Back at the very core of the Apple empire


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