Cats – don’t trust them with your iPad

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. No long commentary here, but suffice to say my iPad has received some critical damage this last week and I am having to adapt to Life After Nice IPad (LANI Syndrome). iPad 3rd Generation is looking good again!


New instalment for Alien Robots – Prometheus the Movie

A new page has been added to the Alien Robot series. Click here to view it. I have already seen Prometheus the movie twice. I had to go back for a second viewing after I was distracted the first time I saw it after losing my wallet on the theatre floor!

Next installment of Alien Robots and new post format

The strip Alien Robots is now condensed into one post, with new posts advising of the latest updates. I hope you enjoy, and comments are welcomed. Click here to go to the full strip.

Updated post – Super Blog Man

The strip Super Blog Man is now condensed into one post. When I update it, I will put up a new post and link back to it by letting readers click here. The fifth page has now been added.

Super blog man confronts three thugs in an alley

The next installment of Super Blog Man is in. In you missed the original, click here to start. You can also see the second installment by clicking here.


He tried to bust a Nike sneaker theft racket

Super blog man is back in today’s installment. Our hero Roger is looking for his first big scoop and learns that there have been a speight of Nike sneaker thefts in his local neighbourhood. This follows on from the first opening yesterday, where mild mannered blogger Roger decides that he will become Super Blog Man and boost his blog ratings. If you didn’t catch it, click here to go to the first installment.

I will be 143 years old when Venus transits our Sun again


So unless in my rapidly disappearing lifetime they figure out a way to make me live to 143 years old, I won’t be around next time. If there are any alien robots reading this post, and you have a technological answer to prolonging human life, do share! In the meantime, enjoy the next installment of Alien Robots. In case you missed the first episode, click here.

If vaporised during a lover’s kiss – blame the Alien Robots!

I hope you are enjoying the antics of Felix and Oscar, the two Alien Robots who are observing Earth and humanity from afar.

  • So far they have intercepted a Gen Y text message, leading them to the assumption that all humans are stupid. Click here if you didn’t catch the first installment. In case you haven’t worked it out, Felix tells Oscar what to do and Oscar essentially performs all of the leg-work.
  • In part two, Felix asks Oscar to perform a chemical analysis on a Big Mac – with disasterous results. But if you were ever wondering what triple engineered and processed deep fried Xanoth Pixie wings with reconstituted Zolt liver sauce were, click here to find out. Let’s just say, the ingredients in the Big Mac pickle sauce made Felix and Oscar pine for a taste of home-cooking.
  • In part three, the Alien Robots have a run in with an Earthling satellite and inadvertently cut all satellite transmissions of the NFL Super Bowl when demonstrating their superior firepower! You can click here to see what happens in this amusing little four panel ‘toon.
  • And in part four, Felix and Oscar conclude that dogs rule Earth after witnessing a human cleaning up doggie poo whilst taking the canine for a walk. You see that one by clicking here.

In today’s installment, the Alien Robots are fascinated by the human courtship ritual of kissing, although their voyeuristic enjoyment is ended abruptly when Oscar presses the wrong button. Imagine sharing a kiss with your special lady (or man) only to be vaporised by a laser beam!

As always, I thank the iPad apps Paper and Comic Book for helping me to bring you this webcomic.

Kiss my laser beam